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Mission Statement

Triple B Foundation for Pet Therapy's mission is to enhance the well-being of those in need through the human-animal bond.

Our Officers and Directors

  • Brian Hohstadt - President

Brian grew up on a large dairy farm in eastern Oregon. Brian has a very strong work ethic and a dedication to animals, traits he inherited from his father and grandfather.

He spent his career in health insurance but returned to eastern Oregon to care for his parents.  He decided to establish a small hobby farm to support his interests and hobbies.  
Brian began pet therapy many years ago with his therapy dog, Blake. He knew he wanted to expand his pet therapy work but felt it was best not to add additional dogs. He grew up riding horses and knew miniature horses were able to be registered as pet therapy animals. He searched long and hard to find his two miniature horses, both of which have excelled in the program.
Brian has also always had a strong connection to the elderly, having volunteered with the elderly starting at the age of 15.  He loves to visit with anyone that just needs to escape for a few minutes.  He feels he has an ability to facilitate the human-animal connection with those the foundation serves.  
Brian has further strengthened the foundation's mission by completing the process to become a licensed pet therapy evaluator. This will help ensure the expansion of pet therapy services in the region.​

  • Bill Runyon, MD - Vice Chairman and Treasurer of the Board; Physician advisor

Dr. Runyon is a board-certified Family Physician who was in private practice and a physician executive for 30 years. Prior to this, Dr. Runyon served for 10 years in the Navy in the Medical Corps. He has always felt a special bond with animals and is a strong advocate for the healing power of the human-animal connection.

  • Liz Meyer - Director

Liz has extensive experience with non-profits and fundraising. She currently runs her own non-profit in eastern Oregon.

Our Pet Therapy Animals

  • Domi

My name is Gem Skyes Domination ~ Domi for short.  I am a miniature Pinto, measuring 32.5 inches at the shoulder.  I am 13 years old.  
I began my life as a show horse, traveling throughout Oregon and Washington and even attending the world show in Oklahoma.  After a successful show career, I retired to become a mom.  I have had four foals, all of which have done well for themselves in the show ring, with one becoming a world champion jumper!  I am so proud of him!
A few years ago, my mom received a call from someone looking to buy a mini for pet therapy.  While I was not for sale, my owner felt this was an opportunity too good to pass up so I was offered for sale.  My current owner did not pass the chance to bring me home!
As soon as I arrived, upon getting settled, I embarked on a long training process.  My owner needed to be sure I could handle anything I might encounter.  I guess all those long hours worked, as I passed my first evaluation with a perfect score!
I am now busy visiting everywhere from nursing homes, to hospitals, to private residences, to special private events and hopefully soon to correctional institutions.  I also pull a cart in about 15 parades a year, and love hearing the screams from the crowds!  I am sure I have had my picture taken thousands and thousands of times so far.  I work hard but I love what I do, and I am always glad to see a bucket of goodies waiting for me when we start our drive home!

  • Baxter












My name is Baxter.  I am a 6 year old miniature horse and am only 26 inches tall at the shoulder.  My owner says I am the smallest horse he has ever seen, and he has seen a lot of horses!
I was born in Spokane, WA and was living out in a big pasture with lots of other little horses.  My owner got a call from a guy looking to buy a mini for pet therapy.  A couple of horses were discussed, or so I have been told; but, there was something about me that peeked his interest.  Not sure what it could have been, as I was a bit of a mess in the beginning, not even being lead broke yet!
None the less, I came to live here.  I was very lonely at first but quickly realized that if I paid attention and worked hard, I would get lots of treats and attention.  I found out it was fun to have a job to do and I enjoyed feeling needed and valued.  I had a lot to learn, as I had not had any training prior to coming to TripleB.  I fought at times, as it was all new to me, but eventually realized that even though new things were scary sometimes, my owner would not let anything happen to me and I could have a lot of fun.
I worked very hard, and listened when I needed to, and I learned a lot.  When it came time for me to be evaluated for pet therapy, I got a perfect score the first try!  I was very proud of myself.  
I still have quite a bit to learn, but am getting better every day.  I prefer quieter environments, such as nursing homes, but also visit hospitals and correctional facilities, because I know I am needed.  I also pull a couple of custom carts in lots of parades, having won a number of awards for doing so.


  • Streaker











Hey!  Don’t forget about me!  My name is Honeydews Winning Streak, or Streaker for short!  I am just a baby ~ I was two years old in April of 2018.  I just came to Triple B in late summer of 2017.
I was born on a beautiful horse farm in Sultan, WA.  A wonderful woman there, named Joni, was my human mama.  She also was the one that owned Domi, before she came here.  She paved the way for me.
Joni wanted to do what Brian does.  She had great plans for me.  She started me very early, from day one.  I worked very hard and was even doing a couple of local events when I was not even a year old! However, Joni realized that Brian and the team at Triple B Foundation for Pet Therapy could do so much more with me. Therefore, it was decided I would come join the Triple B team.
I am still actively in training, but I get a lot of play time too.  Baxter is busy showing me all there is to see and do around here, and my humans are busy getting me trained and in shape.  They must love me, as I get lots of hugs, face rubs and attention!
I am working VERY hard and hope to get my pet therapy evaluation before my second birthday, the first part of 2018.  Once registered, I plan to jump right in visiting nursing homes, hospitals and maybe even the correctional facilities.  Domi tells me there are a lot of guys there that really need us, so I am anxious to go see them.  Wish me luck!
Keep an eye out for me.  You will start to see me out and about.  If you confuse me with Domi that is ok, we are both beautiful and we are both the same color.  As long as you come love on me, it is ok!

  • Blake










Hi!  My name is Blake.  I am a French Bulldog and I am seven years old.  I am the one that started it all.  I came from a show kennel in Minnesota.
My owners tell me they always wanted to do pet therapy, but never had a dog with the right temperament.  Not until I came along!  As the story goes, they knew immediately that I was destined for great things.  I came home to be with them when I was six months old and we lived in Nashville, TN.
I worked VERY hard and, shortly after my first birthday, I passed my pet therapy evaluation on the first try!  My owner was VERY nervous, but I knew we could do it.  
We immediately began to visit nursing homes, a rehabilitation hospital and an inpatient geriatric unit.  I loved my job and loved all the attention.  I soon received a call stating my services were needed at an inpatient hospice facility.  I had never done that before so I was not quite sure what to expect.  None the less, I wanted to try.
Hospice work is my favorite.  I love to get in bed with them, rest my head in their lap and let them love on me.  I hear lots of stories about dogs from their past.  That makes me feel very important!  I must be good at what I do because I won the President’s Volunteer Service Award from President Obama two years in a row for my hospice work.  I can’t begin to tell you how honored I was, and my owners were too!
I no longer volunteer fulltime.  I needed to slow down some so the mini horses have taken center stage.  None the less, I am always here on the ranch keeping everyone in line, and I am always eager to go visit my friends in hospice.

Triple B Ranch

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Our pet therapy teams operate out of Triple B Ranch, located in an equestrian development in Sultan, Washington - just west of the cascades on the Skykomish River and an hour east of Seattle. Visit our Facebook and Instagram blogs to stay updated on services we are providing in the Seattle area. 

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Brian Hohstadt, handler for our 4 registered pet therapy animals, has provided countless volunteer hours over the years and continues to expand our services. This includes providing pet therapy services to local organizations such as hospice as well as health care facilities in the region and visits at other locations on request. In both 2014 and 2015, he was awarded The President's Volunteer Service Award from President Obama. 


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